Press Release

A fully illustrated catalog with an essay titled Elizabeth Osborne: Art as Experience by author and curator Judith Stein will accompany the exhibition. From numerous interviews and studio visits with the artist, Stein chronicles the artist’s life, connecting a personal narrative with subjects and themes that have run throughout her entire oeuvre. 

In these large-scale luminous paintings, Osborne returns to her treatment of the figure reminiscent of her early 1960s canvases while incorporating the large, stained expanses of color like those in her 1970s floating landscapes with the opaque, gestural brush strokes referenced from her more recent abstractions. Osborne emanates light with vibrant planes of color, embracing visible brushwork in large sweeping layers. These bold works highlight Osborne’s mastery of her medium and the culmination of her characteristic mix of representation with abstraction. An artist who has long followed her instincts and acute visual sensibilities, Osborne chooses to focus on her own artistic vision and interests, often operating outside of the changing styles and trends.  Reflections: Painting Memory is an embodiment of Osborne’s steadfast dedication to her art.

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