Virgil Marti: Forest Park, 2014
Text by Hilarie M. Sheets
74 pages, Softcover
Published by Locks Art Publications
ISBN: 978-1-879173-91-0

A survey of the last 10+ years of Virgil Marti's work with an essay by critic Hilarie Sheets. Marti's art merges his passion for Americana with his distinctive explorations of the world of domestic interiors. In her essay, Sheets states, "Marti is fascinated by the trickle down of fine art to popular decoration, by how some variation of a Jackson Pollock painting ends up in a bowling alley. Mining the gap between high and low, his objects of allure consistently subvert aesthetic hierarchies and offer something other, but never lesser, in return." This publication includes recent work along with his iconic 2004 Whitney Biennial installation, late 1990s wallpapers, and highlights from other installations.

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