Rob Wynne: Like the Flickering of a Candle, 2008
Text by Carter Ratcliff
46 pages, Softcover
Published by Locks Art Publications
ISBN: 978-1-879173-12-5

In his first solo show in Philadelphia, Wynne presented a collection of his hand-crafted objects against a backdrop of digital images and wall scale quotes crafted in glass. Additional artworks, presented like trophies displayed on a table, include handmade books and a cast silver branch. Grouping together his objects d'art, using refined glossy materials such as porcelain, Wynne builds a Baroque sensibility that directs the viewer to consider the seriousness of beauty. In displaying objects such as oversized glass insects and feet, he shows art's brevity as well. Wynne's installation further explores his interest in beautiful objects and the intellectually provocative. The gallery walls are occupied by the artist's words, found in the wall-sized, poured-glass text sculptures, and in the machine-embroidered writing on top of the artist's paintings. Infused with philosophy and an attachment to Baroque and Romantic styles - Wynne creates a shifting environment of the sublime and the surreal.

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