Pat Steir: Paintings, 2007
Text by Doris von Drathen
255 pages, Hardcover
Published by Edizioni Charta, Milano
ISBN: 978-88-8158-648-6

The pictorial universe of Pat Steir is usually divided into different styles, epochs and categories. In this monograph, for the first time, art historian Doris von Drathen traces a logical line of thought that runs through the whole oeuvre, from the artist’s earliest works to her most recent; although richly diverse, the paintings are all linked by an underlying investigation into the illusion of reality and its perception—a philosophical inquiry that perpetually asks: What do you see, and what do you think you see? Every painting is an exploration that questions the nature of what it is: a painting. In this way, over the past 40 years, Pat Steir has built up an essential body of work with a far-reaching contemporary influence—one that might best be described as “a school for seeing.”

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