The Armory Show 2018

As it commemorates its 50th anniversary, the Locks Gallery is pleased to present for the 2018 Armory Show a selection of works by Jennifer Bartlett (b. 1941), Lynda Benglis (b.1941), and Pat Steir (b.1940), three artists with long ties to the gallery’s exhibition history. On view for the very first time will be Jennifer Bartlett’s large-scale shaped canvas Moth (2001), an important work from a little-known period of production for the artist. Bartlett is acclaimed for her analytical and systematic approaches to painting, particularly through her self-fashioned medium of gridded enameled-steel tiles, which she has employed as a type of modular canvas since the late 1960s. The sweeping 1972 installation Fixed/Variable will be on view here, anchoring the history of her method and foregrounding the unprecedented display of Moth, which references the gridded tiles through oil on canvas, but warps them to vertiginous effects of spatial depth.

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