Ann Agee

Ann Agee: Playing House

Ann Agee has been invited to take over the 19th century parlor and attached den at the Brooklyn Museum. "Inspired by the creative way in which many tenement museum apartments were used as work spaces and living spaces, out of necessity, my plan is to transform the Victorian parlor into my shop, Agee Manufacturing Co."

Ann Agee is interested in joining work and beauty. Inspired by George Ohrs and Claes Oldenburg's stores, the Agee Manufacturing Co. store will present a range of the artist's work. "As a way of underlining the labor aspect of my work, I have been learning how to make shoes, I've been painting fabric with my label on the selvage edge, and making dresses from it, I have made porcelain vases, glass domed jello molds, figurines, bidets, sex toys, wallpaper, catalogues, and more, all in handmade repeats, to fill out an idea of store."

Anne Chu, Mary Lucier and Betty Woodman will concurrently take over other period rooms of the museum.

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