ADAA: The Art Show 2019

Locks Gallery is pleased to present a reconstitution of Jennifer Bartlett's monumental series, In the Garden, for its presentation at the 2019 ADAA Art Show. During the winter of 1979–80, Jennifer Bartlett traded homes with British novelist Piers Paul Read, exchanging her SoHo loft for a mediocre villa in Nice far from the famed seafront which had inspired the paintings of Matisse, Bonnard, Renoir, and Picasso. The series borne of this disappointing tourism, In the Garden, reinvigorated her practice and captured the myriad of natural forces and emotional states that she experienced during her stay. Locks Gallery's showcase of this tremendous body of work stands as a testament to the Gallery’s long relationship with the artist and provides a rare opportunity to encounter this touchstone of masterful drawings, plates and paintings.

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