Rob Wynne Locks Gallery

Rob Wynne

Snowflake, 2008
glass beads and thread on vellum
27 x 21 inches

Rob Wynne glass text Locks Gallery

Rob Wynne

QUIVER, 2008
poured and mirrored glass
39 x 65 inches

Joy Feasley painting Locks Gallery

Joy Feasley

BG, 2008

engraved resin over glitter on board

36 x 30 inches

Sparkle and Glitter Locks Gallery Kate Bright Grove

Kate Bright



acrylic and glitter on canvas

60 x 84 inches

Kate Bright snow painting Locks Gallery

Kate Bright

Spinney, 2008

acrylic and glitter on canvas

60 x 81 inches

1968 Locks Gallery Lynda Benglis Untitled (From Sparkle Knot Series)

Lynda Benglis

Untitled (From Sparkle Knot Series)


cotton bunting, plaster, paint, glitter over aluminum screen

40 x 18 x 14 inches

Lynda Benglis knot Locks Gallery

Lynda Benglis

Omnicron, 1974

cotton bunting, sculpt metal and mylar sparkles

68 x 24 x 13 inches

Collection of the Princeton University Art Museum

Lynda Benglis paper Lagniappe Locks Gallery

Lynda Benglis

Lagniappe 25/26, 1978

cast paper, acrylic and glitter

35 x 12 1/2 x 5 inches

Press Release

Work by Polly Apfelbaum, Lynda Benglis, Christine Borland, Kate Bright, Joy Feasley, Stuart Netsky, Louise Nevelson, Eo Omwake, Alyson Shotz, and Rob Wynne.

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